How Coffee Delivery Services Can Improve Employee Morale

18 September 2020
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


If you are looking for small ways to improve your office space for your employees, one service you may want to look into is coffee delivery. Some of these services can clean and refill larger coffee machines/pots in your office or they can deliver ready-to-go styrofoam cups. Here are just three reasons why coffee delivery can improve your office for you and your employees.

Improve Productivity

Coffee is high in antioxidants and has beneficial nutrients that can keep your employees feeling well, thus reducing missed days of work. In moderation, the caffeine in coffee can improve cognitive function, mood, and focus. A 2010 study conducted by MIT showed that employees who take coffee breaks together tended to improve their overall productivity. Having a delivery service drop off coffee is a great way to brighten your employees' day and help them bond with one another during break time and focus on their tasks during work time.

Reduce Workplace Germs

You may think that the bathroom has the most germs in your office, but Time magazine says that the break room has the most germs. You might find germs on break room sink handles, refrigerator doors, microwave doors, and water fountain buttons. During this time of COVID, you might be looking for ways to reduce the spread of pathogens in the office. If employees are making a pot of coffee themselves or reheating a mug of coffee, it's easy for germs to spread. If you have a delivery coffee service stop by with coffee at a certain time, then there will be less foot traffic in the kitchen. Your employees will appreciate your efforts in keeping the break room cleaner.

Curb Resentment in the Break Room

You might think that the top arguments in the office have to do with work projects, but one poll showed that some of the top things that cause arguments are:

  • making the coffee

  • hogging shared spaces in the breakroom

  • people stealing food

If only one of your employees refills the coffee pot each day, they may feel resentful about other employees being lazy. By having coffee delivered, you will reduce arguments over who should be making the coffee. Some people may be okay with sharing their coffee mugs and spaces in the break room, while others may want their own space in the break room. If you have coffee delivered in ready-to-go cups, then you'll reduce arguments about hogged areas of the break room. Lastly, if people are bringing their own coffee grounds to work, they might get annoyed if another employee uses their blend. Again, by having a delivery service bring coffee, you'll cut down on arguments over people's ideas of what foods in the break room can be shared since everyone will get their own beverage.

Reach out to a coffee delivery service in your area today to learn more.