How To Make Your Vegan Recipe Site More Appealing To Visitors

27 September 2021
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


There is a great need for vegan recipe sites. Those who are new to veganism rely on such websites to get ideas and cooking advice. Even long-term vegans can reference these websites to get new ideas and keep their diets interesting. However, with vegan websites becoming more popular, you might want to take a few steps to keep yours competitive and useful to visitors. Here are a few suggestions.

Include recipes that call for mock meats, and some that don't

Some vegans love mock meats because they help keep them from craving real meat. Other vegans detest mock meats because they remind them too much of the real thing. Your website will be a lot more useful if you include recipes that appeal to both groups. Offer recipes that call for mock meats, and some that are made entirely without them. You might even want to have a color-coded system that makes it easy for visitors to tell the difference between the two. For instance, recipes that call for mock meats could have a red headline, and those that don't could have a green headline.

Post cooking tips and tricks, too

In addition to straight recipes, try creating some posts that offer more general vegan cooking tips. This will be really useful to site visitors who are new to veganism. It will also be helpful to anyone who already has a recipe they're following but wants some advice for making that recipe even better or more delicious. You could separate these posts out to be quite specific. For instance, you could create one post with tips for using cheese substitutes and another post that lists good seasonings to use in vegan stir-fries. Another post could focus on vegan baking.

Include recipes to feed a crowd

One common problem vegans have is cooking for a crowd. They might have a long list of recipes they cook for themselves and perhaps a partner on weeknights, but when it comes time to cook for a group, they struggle. Recipes for crowd-pleasing vegan meals will get a lot of traffic. Think vegan lasagna, vegan casseroles, and a variety of pasta dishes.

With the tips above, you can set your vegan recipe blog apart from the competition and really grow your readership. People will keep coming back because they know your site has a lot of great tips, delicious recipes, and ideas for feeding larger groups.

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