Custom Chocolate Boxes: 3 Tips For Choosing Chocolates For Afternoon Tea

20 January 2016
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If you're in the mood for some afternoon tea, you definitely want to find some sweets to go along with the experience. Chocolate, for one, pairs well with tea. Between all of the varieties and different types of chocolate confections available, choosing the best assortment can be quite difficult. Should you go for a high-end, premium chocolate box filled with flavors considered more unique, like a dark chocolate truffle infused with earthly dried porcini mushrooms, or for something a bit more casual, like a piece of milk chocolate with a creamy hazelnut center? Fortunately, chocolate and tea pairing is not rocket science. Here are a few tips that will help you get started on the right road.

Choose a Consistent Note for Flavored Tea and Flavored/Filled Chocolates

While the possibilities are limitless, don't go too crazy with the flavors, especially if you are going to choose a flavored tea that contains a lot of strong notes and tones. If the tea being served contains many complex flavors, pick chocolates with simple flavors for your custom box. For example, if you're going to try a tea with both a citrusy and and spicy undertone, different varieties of plain chocolate, like white, milk or dark, that are not infused with additional flavors may be a better option than flavored alternatives. You and your guests will be able to enjoy and appreciate the tea better, as the taste of the chocolate will not overwhelm the focal tones and flavors hidden within the tea. In this situation, the chocolates would play more of a supporting role to your afternoon tea.

Generally speaking, it is wise to focus on a single dominant note or tone of flavor, and build your custom chocolate box around that. Too many contrasting and conflicting flavours in the tea and the chocolates will distract you and your guests from fully appreciating the experience. 

Pick Flavor Combinations that will Draw Upon Flavor Memories

Consider flavor combinations that you are particularly fond of in the culinary world, and pick flavor combinations that will help draw upon those flavor memories. For example, consider Lapsang Souchong tea, which has a distinct meaty tone to it similar to cooked ham. It may seem like finding a suitable flavored or filled chocolate may be impossible. However, this is far from the truth.

If you have chocolate truffles with a creamy pineapple filling in your custom chocolate box, you are basically set. Although this combination may appear awkward, the subtle pineapple flavor will actually greatly complement the smoky, meaty flavor of the tea. Think about it: pineapple and ham are often found and cooked together in the culinary world, like in Hawaiian pizza.

Advocate for Chocolate Flavors that Either Enhance or Contrast the Flavor of the Tea

Another good tip is to advocate for chocolate flavors that will either enhance or contrast the flavor of the tea. The flavor of the chocolate should not be so subtle that it will be missed nor too overpowering to the point where it will cover the flavor of the tea. You should take a sip of tea before eating a piece of chocolate, and still be able to taste both the flavors of the tea and the chocolate lingering in your mouth afterwards.

For example, the flavors in spicy teas can be contrasted with the subtleties of simple plain white or milk chocolate. On the other hand, the floral undertones found in Jasmine green tea can be complemented and enhanced with dark chocolates that have also been infused with nice floral tones. 


Tea and chocolate go together very well. Together, they can greatly enhance and improve your afternoon tea experience. Don't hesitate to try out new flavors to determine what best suits your taste palate. There are many different pairings that you can ultimately try.

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