Planning The Perfect Romantic Picnic Lunch Menu

31 July 2016
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If you're hoping to pull off a romantic lunch date where you're cooking for your significant other, it's time to think outside the box and really wow them with a delicious meal. Instead of your basic picnic items like sandwiches and fresh fruit, take the menu up a notch. Here are some elevated, easy, and classy lunch items you should include on your menu. 

  1. Lobster rolls. Lobster is typical for a romantic dinner, so why not add it to lunch? Tell your standard sandwich to take a hike and allow for a more unique indulgence that combines the creamy and rich flavor of lobster with buttery bread. To make great lobster roll, start with a great bread, like a kaiser roll, that can really support the richness of the lobster filling. Other ingredients typically found in lobster rolls include mayonnaise, lemon choose, celery, fresh parsley, and melted butter. 
  2. Baguettes with chocolate spread, like Nutella. You can't bring a typical romantic dessert, like chocolate mousse, to a picnic without worrying about keeping it cool or melting. This is a great solution. You get the sensuousness of chocolate with the ease of a pre-sliced baguette as a vehicle. 
  3. Strawberries. Strawberries have a firmly established reputation for being a great fruit for romance. Bring them washed and whole, and dip them in your container of chocolate spread for even great indulgence.
  4. Pesto and cheese. Pine nuts, one of the main ingredients in pesto, are known to increase feelings of romance. They are also a more luxury item than other dips or spreads (like hummus or ranch), making the occasion more special just because pine nuts are not a common, everyday food. Choose a light, creamy cheese, like mozzarella, to pair with the pesto and eat it with crackers. 
  5. Cooked artichokes. These take a while to prepare, but they can be well worth it. Artichokes have a many layers that need to be peeled off. You use your teeth to strip the edible portion from the peel and gradually move closer to the heart of the plant. It's an interactive eating experience that you can enjoy together with your partner, and the removal of the layer to get to the heart is a romantic notion in and off itself as you grow closer together and become more vulnerable. 

You can have a wonderfully romantic picnic lunch date with just little extra time and effort. Choosing the best ingredients that have great flavor and meaning will help the date to be a success. Contact a company like Klosterman Baking Company for more information.