5 Ways To Enjoy Game Commentary At A Sports Bar

1 April 2016
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A sports bar and grill is a great place to hang out with friends and other fans while watching professional sports. Cheering, booing, and enjoying great food is all a part of the experience, but sometimes it may be hard to hear the game's commentary due to general crowd noise. If you want to hear the analysis and commentary on the live sports action, then there are five ways you can do this while still enjoying the sports bar experience. By planning ahead, you can get the best of both worlds and enjoy the sports you love in the company of others.

Booth Seats

A number of bar and grills feature booth sections. These sections offer more privacy and a lot of them have individual televisions that can focus on the game. When sitting in the booth, you can still enjoy the atmosphere of the sports bar while hearing game commentary. Turn the volume up on the television at your booth to basically have a personal sound system. Some of the small televisions or streaming tablets may offer a headphone jack for listening to audio. Use this jack to get the commentary fed right to your ear.

Closed Captions

Sometimes the sound can be too hard to muffle out. Instead of trying to hear the commentary, you can read it instead. After getting your seat at the bar and grill, you can request that the closed captioning gets turned on for the nearest TV. When the closed captions are turned on, all of the commentary is typed out on the screen as the game airs. This allows you to read the commentary you want and still enjoy all of the live game action. A number of the televisions may already have closed captioning on them. As you enter the restaurant, check the various televisions and see which ones are using the closed captioning. This can help you select your seat and experience the full game commentary.

Radio Apps

Along with the live television broadcasts, a number of sports games simulcast on radio stations. Some stations broadcast the audio from the television broadcasts, while others provide their own commentary. By downloading radio-based apps to your phone, you can stream live radio broadcasts while you watch the games on TV. Using headphones in one ear, you can hear commentary as you enjoy the game with friends and fans at the restaurant. Look for free apps that offer all kinds of digital radio streams for your favorite sports teams and networks.

Speaker Positioning

As you scope out the best television views in the restaurant, it's also a good idea to look for the ways various speakers are set up. Getting a seat close to a speaker can allow you to hear the commentary a lot better than general seats in the restaurant. A surround sound system may feature speakers mounted in the ceiling or corners of the bar. As you arrive, you can even request a seat near a speaker so someone on the wait staff can guide you to the best areas. With the speaker close by, you can hear most of the commentary over the crowd noise.

Daytime Games

If you're looking for a great meal and live sports commentary, then consider going to the restaurant during the day. Crowds are smaller, and you will have a better seat selection to accommodate your needs. Check the sports schedule ahead of time to plan out a few day games where you can enjoy the restaurant experience and still hear the full audio without any problems.

By mixing one or more of these options together, you can fully enjoy the live broadcast experience of a sports game. If you're still looking for louder audio, you can always request that the sound system gets turned up a little bit for specific games.